Bear Watching in the Wilderness

GORE-TEX Experience Tour offers a wide variety of outdoor projects to people who loves adventurous activities. The “Bear Watching in the Wilderness” contest was open to everyone who loves nature, animals, hiking and photography. The participants were asked to answer a series of question on the online application form and were selected basing on the total points they got through the net and by the personal judgment of a committee. The 4 winners of us took part in this four days adventure in the Spanish Pyrenees with a team of experts made up of two rangers, a biology expert, and a professional photographer.

To find all the details of this amazing experience you can read the article I published on the Giant Panda magazine n.27. More..

Below you can look at the pictures I took to have a better understanding on how the home range of the brown bear of the Pyrenees looks like. The last picture shows a brown bear kept inside a 600 m² enclosure in the small town of Arties. I decided to put it in the sequence to remind people that these wild animals don’t belong to small fenced spaces but to nature or to wide appropriate spaces in case they were born in captivity.


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